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Originally from New York City, Adv. Shlomo Zwickler has been residing in Israel since 1995. For twenty years now Shlomo has been leading complex projects within the framework of non-profit organizations in Israel and abroad, as well as public relations activities, resource mobilization and legal management of sensitive and nationally significant matters. He serves as an officer and board member of several American and Israeli corporations. Shlomo's legal career commenced at the firm of the widely recognized doyen of Israeli jurisprudence Dr. Jacob Weinroth, and continued at the firm of Adv. Amit Hadad, presently counselor to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu among other high-profile individuals. Shlomo's law practice is focused on legal analysis and representation regarding real property, transactions, corporate compliance (of companies and non-profits), contracts and negotiations. Shlomo's academic credentials include a B.A. in Political Science completed in New York, and LL.B and M.B.A. degrees, both completed in Jerusalem, with specialization in international organizational management. He is admitted to the bar in the State of Israel.




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